June 24, 2015

Our Focus

Our Patients
Schedule My Patient is the one and only calendaring system which allows a patient to make their own appointments – and without the need for office staff assistance. This software program can help any healthcare provider have a more efficient practice by freeing up the front desk staff from the mundane tasks of time consuming patient requests for appointments. It will improve the care of the patients by allowing the patient to schedule a first available time, or future date, and significantly reduce telephone hold time in a busy practice. But, the best part of the Patient Self-Scheduler is simply that It will free your staff time and decrease your overhead expense by greatly reducing patient calls for appointments. The ease and simplicity with which patients can use the Self-Scheduler will increase both patient happiness and office profitability.

Our Doctors
Schedule My Patient was created for use by every medical practice and hospital, for the sole purpose to permit patients to be able to make appointments both outside and during business hours, rather than take up valuable staff time with simple appointment requests. The Patient Self-Scheduler program integrates with all office and electronic medical records schedulers in order to view the available appointments for any provider in the facility or practice. Patients will have the option to make an instant appointment (first available) with their preferred provider, or a future date of their choice. The appointment will be instantly booked and appear on the practice electronic schedule for staff and physician viewing. Your patients will have the luxury to pick any appointment from a variety of types and any day without any staff involvement needed. The patient will receive a confirmation email for their upcoming appointment instantly and one day before the appointment time. Our software Scheduler can be linked to your facility websites, emails, reminders, and can be used for a more efficient practice. As a physician or hospital, you will benefit from lower cost overhead by reducing staff time from being used for simple appointment scheduling thus, permitting staff to be used for more productive office efforts, less telephone hold time for the patients and a full provider schedule. The Patient Self-Scheduler is HIPPA Compliant and your patients will love the ease and convenience when needing to make an appointment