July 24, 2016

Marketing Hints

As I mentioned that my patients love the Self-Scheduler ,I want to share with you about how my patients know and use regularly the self-scheduler:

1- We have it announced on the on-hold phone message

2-All reminders and print-outs given to the patients has the Self-scheduler link printed on them.

3- We printed a Post cards in the Lobby and in every room to inform the patients about the self-scheduler .

4 When a patient tells me , “you are very hard to get an appointment with”  I demo the self-scheduler in the room on the computer  and let them know that is not totally true as the self-scheduler shows that I  do  have openings. Maybe the person who responded on the phone had multiple phone lines , that she didn’t see how many openings I still have, and now we are working with a new system of Craftsmen mobile medical trailers to improve the clientele.

schedule my patient card frontschedule my patient card back

Here is a copy of an email reminder that I send to my patients periodically:

From: Soliman Care Family Practice Center <info@solimancarefpc.com>
Subject: Please Schedule Your Physical Exam Appointment
Reply: info@solimancarefpc.com
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Soliman Care Family Practice Center Inc.
Dear Patient,
This is a reminder that it is time for you to schedule your
   Physical Exam Appointment  
Please call us at 310-530-7244  to schedule your appointment.
To book an appointment now please follow this link :
Looking forward to see you soon .
The Soliman Care Family Practice Team .
Shahinaz Soliman, MD
Soliman Care Family Practice Center Inc